Where Would You Most Like to Live?

The survey showed that 43 % of respondents would prefer an urban area as the place of their permanent residence, while the countryside would be chosen by 41 %. Two percent voiced other opinions and 14 % could not decide. As to places of urban character, a similar number of respondents chose cities with a population over 100 thousand (a total of 15 %) and towns of medium size with 20 thousand to 100 thousand inhabitants (16 %).

Living in a smaller town with a population fewer than 20 thousand would suit twelve percent. Respondents, who are attracted by the countryside, consider it better to live in a village near a medium-sized or smaller town (21 %) than near a city (15 %). A village distant from any town would be chosen as permanent residence by five percent and four percent would prefer to take refuge in an isolated house.