Evaluation of Living and Social Conditions in the CR

The majority of respondents evaluate the access to education (71%) and health care (66%) as being very good. Other investigated areas such as job opportunities, social security for the elderly, standard of living for the handicapped, and mainly financial conditions to start a family or to get a flat are assessed in a very critical way. The respondents were unanimous in their views on life conditions of officials, civil servants and entrepreneurs which they considered to be the best (78% or more precisely 74%).

There is a certain gap between those groups and the situation of small entrepreneurs (46%). Further the standard of living of the Romany population was perceived to be good (38%) which however, were considered to be unfavourable by one fifth of other respondents (22%). The standard of living of pensioners and manual labourers was evaluated by a smaller part of the respondents (21% or more precisely 17%) as favourable and two fifths as unfavourable. The standard of living of pensioners is, however, perceived as slightly worse when 11% of respondents identify it as being very unfavourable. The respondents think that the worst situation in our society belongs to the unemployed and young families whose situation is considered to be unfavourable by 60%, or more precisely 68% of respondents.