Standard of Living and the Family Budget

In October 2004, approximately a third of respondents (approx. 33%) considered the standard of living of their household as being good. 45% described it as neither good, nor bad, and less than a quarter (22%) characterised it as bad. 4% of inhabitants consider their household to be rich, while 29% consider it to be as relatively or very poor and two thirds as neither rich nor poor. Difficulties when managing the current income of their family were stated by 60% of respondents, 36% of respondents stated that they would cope with the household budget more or less easily.

92% of households have an income sufficient to purchase food, clothes or everyday consumption goods and cover housing expenditure, which, with current income, is a problem for 7%. As far as other options of how to distribute the household income were concerned, more than a half of respondents (52%) could, apart form the basic needs, also finance hobbies and interests of the family members, 39% can buy food of a higher quality and consequently also higher price, 37% are able to save money and 25% are able to support their children’s or parents’ household.