On Paternal and Maternal Roles in Family

The survey results confirmed that the upbringing of children was concentrated in the hands of women. About four fifths of respondents with children say for example that mother takes the child to the doctor’s or used to go to the doctor’s in case of the grown up child, as well as stays or used to stay with the child at home during illness. Mainly mothers read stories to their children and learn with them.

Both, mother and father jointly, decide in most households with children about their future profession, buy children presents, get involved in sporting activities or take them on trips. Parents usually apply the standard procedure for punishing the children (as stated by 41 % of respondents). According to the survey results, fathers are not much involved in the monitored areas, relatively often in punishing the children (as answered by 20 % of respondents with children) and in supporting their sporting activities (16 %).