Public opinion on fears of imprisonment

In march 2008 CVVM posed a few questions on potential fears of imprisonment. Informants were asked to estimate how much money they would be willing to pay to avoid being imprisoned for one year due to an accident (all in a case that this would be legal). Over 70 % says that they would be willing to pay up to 100 000,- Kc or even less (approximately 4 000 Euro). Only 20 % of informants were willing to pay more than 100 000 Kc.

The highest sum ever mentioned was 5 milions Kc (200 000 Euro).

Another question concern on the potencial fears of being imprisoned. Informants could chose up to three main reasons. The most frequent was „separation from friends and family“ 78 % and „other prisoner‘s behavior“ 61 %. Another possibilities as „neighbourhood’s reaction on accident“, „return from prison back to normal life“, „healthy problemes“, „lost of job or career“, „prison guard‘s behavior“ and „daily prison routine“ were mentioned by 30 % or less.

In the last question the informants were asked to try to guess what would be the most difficult for them of being imprisoned – again with possibility to chose up to three points.

Low frequency of meeting family members and friends would be a problem for 79 %, almost the same percentage (78 %) says, that „restriction of free movement“ would be a serious distress. „Impossibility to talk to anyone who understands me“ was important for 51 %. Another variations as „neccsesity to listen to orders“, „boredom“, „impossibility to do hobbies“, „insufficient conditions for sexual life“ and „lack of entertainment“ were chosen by less than 25 % of informants.