Democracy, human rights and political corruption

42% of citizens are satisfied with how democracy functions in the Czech Republic, whereas 46% expressed discontent. Only 1% of those polled believe that elections ensure ‘very good’ harmony between the stances of members of parliament and the opinions of their voters, whereas 22% think that elections ensure at least ‘partial harmony’, 41% hold the opinion that they ensure ‘little harmony’ and 17% ‘no harmony whatsoever’.

The public is inclined to believe that it matters who is in power and that the person elected by people can influence how things are run. Any imperfect democracy is considered by approximately three quarters of citizens (74%) to be the best form of government, whereas 14% believed to the contrary. 10% say that human rights are ‘very much’ respected in our country, 46% say they are ‘partly’ respected, 30% ‘little’ and 8% believe they are not respected at all. Every other citizen thinks that corruption and bribes are ‘very’ widespread among politicians.