What pre-election expectations did we hold?

From the end of January onwards, the public considered the ODS and the CSSD to be the undisputed champions in the election to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic’s Parliament – these two parties kept consolidating their position during the following months, to the detriment of the Coalition, which was for a long time, until April, the third most successful group in the election. Shortly before the election, the loss in the popularity of the Coalition meant that the party preferences equalled those of the KSCM, which long ranked fourth and whose changes were seen as very stable during the pre-election six months.

The survey results during the six months before the election date also indicate that this year’s election to the Chamber of Deputies was not expected to bring about major positive or negative changes in politics, economy and the general state of affairs. Just before the election, positive expectations outweighed the negative ones in respect of all the areas, although during the previous months the development of post-election affairs had been perceived (especially in the economy and the general state of affairs) as quite balanced in terms of the percentages of positive and negative predictions. As regards the assessment of possible outcomes of the election to the Chamber of Deputies, the public considered the CSSD the generally most acceptable winner.