Public evaluation of political parties shortly after the election to the Chamber of Deputies

More than three fifths (61%) of those polled generally take a critical view of how parties behave, of which 41% generally dislike the behaviour of parties and 20% say that the situation makes them disgusted. On the other hand, 27% of respondents are critical of some parties only and only 1% expresses general satisfaction with how political parties behave. The performance of individual parties in the Chamber of Deputies is assessed as follows: the best evaluation is given to the CSSD – assessed favourably by over a half of respondents (54%).

The other four parliamentary parties fared considerably worse as their performance in the Chamber of Deputies is viewed positively by roughly 30% of respondents (KDU-CSL 31%, ODS 30%, KSCM 28%), with the US-DEU receiving a favourable assessment by only a fifth (19%) of respondents.