Party preferences in late February and early March 2002

No major sociodemographic differences occurred in respect of CSSD supporters (25%), except a higher percentage of white-collar employees. The ODS (23%) is attractive primarily for respondents with good living standards and voters with university or full secondary education. The party also occupies a strong position among businessmen and tradesmen, white-collar employees, intellectual workers and among Prague inhabitants.

The KSCM (10%) is traditionally appealing to pensioners, voters with poor living standards and respondents with primary education. The party also attracts large numbers of unemployed people. Voters of the KDU-CSL (9%) include a greater percentage of women, pensioners, inhabitants of Southern Moravia, respondents with primary education and people over 60 years of age. Supporters of the US-DEU (6%) are comprised of a greater percentage of people with full secondary education, university-educated people and white-collar employees.