Relationship with Slovakia

As a part of November survey there were also some questions focused on respondents´ attitude to the division of Czechoslovakia and following establishment of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic on 1. January 1993 and to relationships between citizens from those republics. Only a quarter of respondents (25 %) agreed with division of Czechoslovakia 13 years ago on contrary more than a half of respondents (56 %) did not agreed with it.

More than half of people consider division of Czechoslovakia to be a right thing on the other side only a third (34 %) suppose it to be unright thing.

Interesting finding was detected when evaluating current relationships between Czechs and Slovaks in comparison to situation before division. Almost a half of addressed citizens think that quality of relationships between Czechs and Slovaks is the same as it used to be before division of Czechoslovakia. Almost a quarter of respondents suppose these relationships to be better, only 18 % of people consider these relationships to be bad.

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