Public opinion on the role of churches in the society and on the restitution of church property - September 2012


September's survey of CVVM comprised a question regarding the role of church in the society and a set of questions concerning the topic of church restitution. On the one hand, the presented press release contains information on to what extent citizens are interested in the problem of church restitution and to what extent they agree with the current proposal of property compensations toward churches. On the other hand, it analyses in detail, what is the public opinion on the range of these compensations and it also follows up, what attitudes citizens take toward different key aspects of church restitution, as they unfolded in the existing debate. It turned out that Czechs consider churches to be desirable most importantly for granting of spiritual support to people and for performing of charity. But only about one sixth of the public subscribes to the current proposal of church property compensations.

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