Popularity of Party Representatives

Popularity of Party Representatives

In December CVVM SOÚ AV ČR investigated, whether respondents trust to selected politicians. They were shown a list with 26 names of top politicians represented in Chamber of Deputies.

Among party representatives Vlasta Parkanová (58 %) was found the most trustworthy. Chief magistrate Pavel Bém found himself on the second position trusted by 50 % of trustees.

The third position belongs to new chairman of KDU- ČSL Jiří Čunek (44 %), followed by chairman of Greens Martin Bursík (41 %). Same number of trustees is shared by vice – chairman of ČSSD Bohuslav Sobotka and prime minister Mirek Topolánek. Only a little bit lower number of respondents trust to vice chairman Petr Nečas and Ivan Langer (30 % and 29 %) and Cyril Svoboda (29 %). Almost a quarter of respondents (22 % - 29 %) find Jan Kasal, Zdeněk Škromach, Petr Bendl, Jiří Paroubek, Vojtěch Filip and Petr Gandalovič trustworthy.

If compared with results from previous surveys some politicians lost some trustees. Chairman of ČSSD J.Paroubek (- 7% points), KSČM politicians Dolejš and Exner (-3% and -4% points). Trust in these politicians has risen : P.Bém (+6% points), V.Parkanová and M.Bursík (both +5% points), Ivan Langer and C.Svoboda (+3% and 4% points).

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