The Attitude of the General Public to the 2004 State Budget

The January census of the CPOR surveyed the satisfaction of the public with the approved state budget. Questions were aimed both at the satisfaction with the fact that the Czech Republic has an approved state budget for 2004 and also at the formulation of the budget. The survey showed that the general public’s attitude to the fact that the budget had been approved was relatively positive. Only 11% of Czechs considered this fact as being bad, contrary to 42% who thought it was good.

One quarter feel relatively indifferent about this fact and another 22% either do not know or are not interested. It is interesting that answers to the question concerning the satisfactory formulation of the approved budget, the overall results were contradictory. Only 7% of Czechs are content with the formulation of the approved budget whilst 41% are unhappy. Again, a quarter of respondents are indifferent and this time almost one third of respondents do not know are not interested. Why are there sop many people happy with the fact that the state budget (further in the table as SB) has been approved while almost the same number are not happy with its formulation. It is being revealed that it is important for many people (almost one third of Czech inhabitants, 29%) that the state budget is approved even though its formulation is not ideal, which demonstrates mainly requirement for political stability which would be disturbed if the budget were not to be approved.