Economic Impact of the Czech Republic’s Accession to the EU I.

The May census of the CPOR was performed about three weeks after the Czech Republic joined the European Union. In the census we were interested in what people understand about the impact. As far as the standard of living is concerned, less than a half of Czechs (45%) do not expect any change, almost a third of respondents (32%) are however concerned with is decline. On the other hand, approximately one seventh (14%) of Czech citizens are optimistic about an increase in their standard of living in connection with the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU.

In the social-economic area negative expectations prevail, mainly in connection with increasing prices. Eight out of ten Czechs think that the price of food will increase, three quarters think that the cost of energy will increase and 65% of Czech agree concerning the increasing prices of land and public transport. Probably more negative impact is predicted for unemployment. In the area of salaries and wages the opinion that there would be no changes prevailed, but one third of respondents believed that hey would grow.