Views in the CR on Economic Situation and Citizens’ Rights in Other EU Countries

People in the Czech Republic see the latest economic development in our country in a relatively dark light and they are pessimistic also about its latest development. Only 13% of respondents stated that the economic development of our country had improved compared to the situation 12 months ago. On the other hand, almost half (48%) think that the situation is worse now than a year ago and more than a third (37%) consider it to be the same.

Expectations within a timescale of 1 year are only slightly better. 16% presume that the situation will improve within a year, a third thinks that it will remain the same and two fifths expect it to deteriorate. Nine out of ten respondents assume that, if there is a shortage of vacancies, Czech applicants should be given priority over other EU citizens. 39% believe that citizens of other EU states residing in the CR should be entitled to social security and unemployment benefits, 43% have the opposite opinion. As far as the right of other EU citizens to vote for Local and District Representatives is concerned, 41% is for and 44% is against.