Evaluation of Economic Development after the accession of the Czech Republic to the European union

Three quarters of czech citizens think, that their standart of living remained unchaged,after the Czech Republic became a member of European Union. 5% of respondents stated that their standart of living had improved , 15% of repondents stated that their standart of living. had worsened during EU membership of the Czech Republic . Public worries about worsening their standart of living connected with membership of Czech Republic in EU were not almost fulfilled.

According to more than two thirds of czech citizens the Accession of Czech Republic to the European Union caused higher expenses for energy, major part part of czech citizens think it caused higher fare in public transport . Almost a half of citizens consider that Accession of Czech Republic into European Union meant higher prices of foodstuff. The situation remained unchanged in area of unemployment, flat tax and social benefits. Two thirds of citizens say the salaries remained unchanged as well.

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