Citizens on Economic Situation of the Czech Republic and Living Standard of Their Households - June 2011

In January this year, citizens of the Czech Republic evaluated how satisfied they are with the situation in selected areas of public life.Citizens of the Czech Republic are the most satisfied with the offer of goods and services (72 % satisfied), culture (62 %) and environment (48 %). Czechs are dissatisfied with the corruption (84 % dissatisfied), economic crime (78 %) and the political...

According to the June survey of CVVM, 64% of people evaluate the current economic situation in the Czech Republic as bad, 26% view it as neither good nor bad and 9% consider it to be good. 39% of Czechs evaluate the living standard of their household as good, 20% consider it to be bad, and 41% characterize it as neither good, nor bad.

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