Opinion on Foreign Exchange Interventions of the Czech National Bank


On 7th November 2013, the Czech National Bank decided to intervene on the foreign currency market, what resulted in weakening of exchange rate of koruna to euro.  In its January survey, CVVM investigated, what is the opinion of Czech citizens to this measure and its consequences. We asked, to what extend citizens understand the weakening of koruna to euro and to what extent they agree with it. We were further interested in knowing, if this measure is going to influence citizens’ willingness to safe money or to buy goods and what is expected impact of this measure to the economic development of the Czech Republic and to the living standard of respondent’s household. Approximately one tenth of the Czechs (12 %) agree with the weakening of koruna to euro. In comparison with previous period, the trust toward the Czech National Bank declined considerably and it amounts to 31 % now.

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