Expertise, quality, objectivity

The view of the Czech general public on entrepreneurs is clearly differentiated depending on whether it is owners of small, medium or large enterprise that are in question. Generally it can be said that people appreciate owners of small and medium enterprise much more than large companies. People usually reckon that both groups of entrepreneurs “have the courage to take risks and to explore unknown fields”, they perceive them as “enterprising, clever people with good ideas” and they think that “they work many hours per day, at the expense of the time that could be spend with the family or just on themselves”, the majority of the general public however think that it is a typical feature for large-scale entrepreneurs to search for loopholes in the law, to jointly prevent price reductions, to be closely connected to current politicians, to be recruited from the previous nomenclature, to be ruthless in destroying their competitors, and to acquired their property in a fraudulent way.