Evaluation of the quality of education and educational attainment of the Czech public - August/September 2023

A periodical survey conducted by the CVVM from August to September 2023 surveyed the opinions of the Czech public over the age of 15 on the level of education at individual types of schools, whether or not everyone in the Czech Republic is able to achieve an education appropriate to their abilities, the evaluation of their schooling to date, whether or not children with different characteristics should be educated together in regular classes, and attitudes toward various measures that have been introduced or are being discussed for possible introduction in the education system.

The assessment of the level of education in all types of schools that are part of the Czech education system has remained positive for a long time. The highest ratings are given to grammar schools (64% positive), primary schools (63%) and universities (61%), while the lowest ratings are given to vocational secondary schools, although positive ratings prevail here as well (51%).

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