Citizens on Economic Situation of Their Households - October 2011


In October survey Public Opinion Research Centre examined how Czech citizens see the financial situation of their households. They evaluated whether it is difficult to manage with their earnings, but also talked about attitudinal feeling of poverty.

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6% of citizens indicated their household to be rich, whilst 33% consider it to be poor. Three fiths of respondents (60 %) regard their household as neither rich nor poor. Problems with current budget of their household were stated by 60% of respondents, on the other hand 38% said they have no problems with budget of the household. 91% of households have income that is sufficient to purchase food, clothes or usual household goods, 57% have enough money for their hobbies and hobbies of their family members, 33% can afford to buy high quality (and more expensive) foodstuff, 34% can save some money and 25% can support household of their parents or children.

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