Evaluation of the Economic Situation and Materialistic Life Conditions in the CR, Poland and Hungary

Critical views on the current economic situation of the state prevail in all three countries. The lowest level of dissatisfaction was detected in Hungary (31% bad), and the highest in Poland (64% bad). The opinion of the Czech public is between these two - 7% of respondents consider the position of the CR to be good, 49% to be bad, 43% as neither good nor bad. As far as prospects of the economic development are concerned, Czech people are the most sceptical.

38% predict its decline, 42% expect stagnation and 14% expect positive changes. Czechs perceive the materialistic living conditions of their households more favourably than the economic situation of their country: 25% consider it to be good, 50% as neither good nor bad, and 24% to be bad. Our general public is the most content out of the three. However, people view the near future with a higher level of concern than the Poles or the Hungarians. 29% of respondents are concerned about the decline in materialistic living condition of households, 11% think these will improve and 54% do not expect any significant change. In the order of the economic success of the country as evaluated by Czech respondents, the CR is ranked after Hungary, Slovenia and Poland and in front of Slovakia.