Why Do We Work?

Economically active respondents stated that the main decisive factor was financial security – which for 81% plays a very important and for 17% a more important role. Connected to this is also the need to improve the family budget (71% very important, 22% more important). The majority of respondents stress the need to be independent as the reason for their work activity (very important: 57%) 54% also identified security in the case of illness and the security of a pension as very important factors.

A relatively positive finding is that the majority explained that they enjoyed working (51% very important, 37% as more important). The social importance of the job and using acquired skills and education was stressed as less important by the respondents. The fewest number of respondents explained the reason of why they work as being due to the fact that they were used to working or not accustomed to not working. The respondents identified that the relatively smallest role for the decision to work was played by their satisfaction with the outcome of their work and work as a way of self-realisation or as a major content in their lives.