Citizens on the Standard of Living and Family Finance

Most of economically active respondents who are concerned with this problem stated that they did not have problems balancing both (59%). About a fifth handles their job tasks very well - but at the expense of their family (21%). Two percent experience the opposite – they cut work short for the benefit of their family. Fifteen percent manage to handle just half of family and work responsibilities. Three percent of respondents balance work and family with major difficulties.

Women compared to men more often stated that they did not have any major problems with balancing the two (61%: 56% of men). At the same time, there are more of those who copy at only just fifty percent (17%, men 12%). Women do not risk neglecting work to better care for the family as much as men (2%). However, they are less willing to prefer work to family (16%) which is the strategy for 27% of men. In finding a solution of how to solve the problem both women and men fail equally (4%, men 3%).