Differences in Work Efficiency

In the May census we surveyed if Czech employees provide a higher or lower efficiency compared to those coming from the West and East. 24% of respondents presume that there are differences in working efficiency between Czech and Western staff, 30% think that the efficiency will not be different and 46% of respondents were unable to answer the question. Two thirds of those who presume that the efficiency will differ also think that the efficiency of Western staff will be higher.

On the other hand, less than thirty percent of respondents think that Czech staff is more efficient. Differences in efficiency between Czech and Eastern staff are also perceived by 38% of respondents. Less than a quarter think that efficiency does not differ and almost 40% of respondents again could not comment. 57% of those who are convinced about a different efficiency presume that the Eastern workers are better workers than we are. Contrary to this, 41% of respondents consider Czechs to be better workers than those from the East.