Unemployment as Viewed by the General Public

In the May census organised by the Centre for Public Opinion Research within the project Our Society 2004 we investigated, apart from other issues, also the issue of unemployment. More than three quarters of people consider the current level of unemployment in the CR to be too high, less than a fifth of the respondents think that it is adequate, and only 2% of the respondents consider it to be too low.

13% of respondents had an optimistic view on the future development in unemployment which is the highest number over the whole investigated period. It is necessary to point out that almost a half of Czechs still expect another increase in unemployment. Approximately one third of the respondents stated that the level of unemployment in our country would not change considerably in the next two years. Results of the survey further showed that in the segment of population over the age of 15 where the category of unemployment was first relevant, one third of them experienced unemployment after 1989, while 14% were unemployed repeatedly. Compared to the situation a year ago we can state that the proportion of the population that has experienced unemployment is growing.