Seeking a Job when Unemployed

In case of losing the job, most people would attempt to find a specific job corresponding to their own ideas. In the census this was expressed by less than two thirds of respondents (65%). Contrary to this, one third of respondents (33%) stated that if they were in this situation they would also accept any job. Regarding the conditions which people themselves set when looking for a job, the relatively smallest obstacles to accept a job were the need for induction or re-training or, if need be, possible overtime work and increased pace of work .

More than a half of the respondents commenting on the topics, would also accept a decreased level of qualification necessary for the job. On the other hand, less than a half of respondents stated that they would accept weekend work. A part-time job or night work would not be excluded by two fifths of the respondents, three out of ten respondents would accept a worse paid job and less than three tenths of people would be willing to work abroad. Worse working conditions or longer commuting times would be acceptable by one fifth of respondents, less than a fifth of respondents would be willing to relocate because of a new job.