Economic situation of czech households

Between November and December 2004 more than a third of repondents (36%) supposed the living standart of their household to be good. 40 %of repondents regard it as neither good or bad and almost a quarter of respondents(24%) consider living standart of their household to be bad. A half of respondents judge their economic situation of their households to be quite satisfactory and 4% assess it to be very satisfactory.

On contrary two fifths of respondents (39%) stated that economic situation of their household is not so satisfactory and 6% called it very dissatisfactory. More than a third of respondents said, that economical tranformation worsened economic situation of their households, a fifth expressed their opinion that it had improved their economic situation and 3 out of 10 respondents keep still their pre-transformation standart of living. In next 5 years 21 % of citizens believe in better economic situation of their household, 22% suppose it to be worse and 31 % hope to keep their present standart.

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