Inflation And Real Income Of Households In View Of Public - May/July 2022

In the summer 2022 survey the Public Opinion Research Centre examined three questions related to inflation and real income of households.


Citizens on Material Living Conditions of Their Households - May/July 2022

In a survey conducted in the period since middle of May to the beginning of July 2022 the Public Opinion Research Centre examined two questions related to evaluation of material living conditions of respondent's households, and to expectation of development of these conditions in this year.


Evaluation of Some Social Conditions - May/July 2022

In period from May to July 2022 Public Opinion Research Centre's survey investigated views of Czech citizens on some social conditions.

From all specific social conditions included in the survey people evaluate mostly positively the accessibility of education (89% positively, 6% critically), the health care (83% : 15%), and a chance to get a job (66% : 20%). All other monitored areas of social conditions - i.e. a chance to get a flat (10% positively, 86% critically), to buy a flat or house (10% : 86%), financial situation to start a family with children (23% : 72%), social security for the elderly (30% : 66%), and life conditions for the handicapped (30% : 52%) - are evaluated mostly critically.


Citizens on Economic Situation of Their Households – May/July 2022

The Public Opinion Research Centre in its June survey examined how Czech citizens perceive the financial situation of their households. They evaluated whether it is difficult to make ends meet with their earnings, but also talked about attitudinal feeling of poverty.


Attitudes toward retirement system of the Czech Republic – November/December 2021

In November and December, the Public Opinion Research Centre asked a set of questions related to attitudes of the Czech citizens towards the retirement system in the Czech Republic.

Questions focused mainly on the current condition of the retirement system and its possible changes. Respondents also expressed level of their support for concrete measures and actions within the retirement system. The last question focused on the opinion whether the received finances from the social security system can cover funding of the pensions.

>> Full text is available in Czech only <<


Citizens on the Pension System – November/December 2021

In its November survey, the Center for Public Opinion Research focused on some issues related to the pension system and pension reform. Within this thematic block, respondents were presented three pairs of opposing statements expressing general attitudes to the different characteristics of the pension system. Respondents expressed their position through a five-point scale, where point 1 meant identification with the first of a pair of opposing statements and point 5, on the contrary, featured complete shift to the second statement. Individual claims were related to contradiction between the principle of solidarity and merit in the pension system, whether financial security of retired people should be ensured by the state or by the citizens themselves, and whether the pension system in its current form is just or unjust.


Concerns and preparations for pension – November/December 2021

In November, the Public Opinion Research Center of the Academy of Sciences interviewed citizens of the Czech Republic on the topic of financial security in pension. Questions were focused not only on subjective concerns over lack of economic resources or trust in welfare state but also on actual preparations, namely investments and savings.


Public opinion on social security in the Czech Republic and allocation of public funds – November/December 2021

The November and December 2021 survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre included issues related to social policy. It surveyed citizens' views on that how much the individual areas of social policy are secured. At the same time the block of questions included an item, in which citizens had to comment the social policy as a whole. It also examined public preferences concerning allocation of public funds.


Attitudes towards Czech social security system – November/December 2021

In November and December 2021, the Public Opinion Research Centre asked a set of questions related to attitudes of the Czech citizens towards social policy.

Questions investigated opinions of the Czech public on the involvement of the state and the citizens themselves to funding the sphere of social policy. Other questions focused on whether the current distribution of responsibilities is divided equally between state and citizens. Finally, we were interested in opinion on the fair distribution of benefits and abuse of the social security system.


How Households Are Burdened By Loans - August/September 2021

In August and September 2021 survey the Public Opinion Research Centre examined a set of issues relating to money lending and debt repayment.