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Respondents see the behaviour of firms and enterprises towards the environment as definitely the worst (82 % “bad”). It is followed by the situation of sanctioning those harming the environment and the non-ecological behaviour of the population–both are criticised by about three quarters of respondents. Approximately two thirds (68 %) see the extent of logging in this country as excessive. Moreover, almost two thirds (63 %) consider appropriation of natural areas during constructions to be too large.

More than fifty percent of respondents regard ecological legislation to be insufficient, they criticise consumption of raw materials and energy in production as well as the volume of mineral resources mining. From the surveyed issues, the relatively lowest dissatisfaction was recorded in the opinion on the consumption of raw materials and energy by the population, which is rated as excessive “only” by less than a half of respondents (46 %) and which is seen as adequate by 37 %.