The Public on Issues Relating to Protected Landscape Areas and National Parks in the CZ II.

In the lasts seven years, about two fifths of respondents have visited protected landscape areas and national parks in the CZ more than once (41 %) and about a third have visited them once (32 %). Information about nature on placards, notice boards or leaflets located in these areas is always read by 26%, and mostly by 57 % of respondents. These respondents predominantly give the quality of information a positive evaluation – only for 26 % is the information too specialised, detailed and incomprehensible.

Visitors to protected localities had an opportunity to gather information from printed matter, leaflets, films – etc. available at the information centres (answered by 67 % of respondents), furthermore at the municipal or local authorities (37 %) and from guides (32 %). Workers in protected landscape areas and national parks were only rarely available (22 %). A total of 16 % of respondents were involved in some activities focusing on nature protection in protected landscape areas or national parks.