The Public on Energy Policy and the So-Called European Green Deal - Autumn 2022


In the period from the first half of September to the beginning of November 2022, a block of questions devoted to energy issues was included in the regular research of Our Society. Part of the questions examined citizens' interest in the energy policy of the Czech Republic and also focused on the issue of the so-called European Green Agreement from 2020.

Three-fifths of Czechs are interested in energy policy, which represents a jump in interest compared to the last survey from 2018.

36% of Czech citizens agree with the Green Deal, 46% disagree with it. Seven out of ten (69%) believe that the Green Deal contributes to disproportionately high energy prices.

The majority (57%) of the Czech public is inclined to the opinion that the energy crisis threatens the implementation of the Green Deal. 69% believe that a reduction in the volume of gas supplies from Russia will slow down the retreat from burning coal in EU countries.

71% of Czechs think that in order to ensure energy security, it is necessary to strengthen cross-border cooperation and solidarity between member states in the EU in the event of a crisis.

>> Full text is available in Czech only <<