The public on the transition to cleaner energy - autumn 2022


In the period from the first half of September to the beginning of November 2022, a block of questions devoted to energy issues was included in the regular research of Our Society. Part of the questions focused on the transition of the energy industry to cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy sources in the production of heat and electricity. The survey specifically investigated how citizens evaluate the frugality of various energy sources in terms of the impact of their use on the environment, how they perceive the success or failure of the transition to cleaner sources in the Czech Republic, whether, in their opinion, the state should support the use of renewable energy sources, how it is important for them, whether the electricity they consume in their household comes from renewable sources, and whether they use or plan to use renewable sources for the production of heat or electricity, either in a community, such as multiple households within an apartment building, municipality or part of it , or independently in your own household.

People perceive solar radiation, water currents and wind blowing as the most environmentally friendly sources of electricity production, while burning coal is considered the least environmentally friendly.

36% of Czech citizens consider the transition to cleaner energy successful, 44% consider it unsuccessful.

A large majority (93%) of the Czech public is inclined to the opinion that the state should support the use of renewable energy sources, but only two fifths (41%) attach importance to whether the electricity in their household is from renewable sources.

Within a certain community, 4% of citizens use renewable sources for heat production, and 4% use them individually in their household for heat production. Another 5% plan it as part of a community and 8% plan it individually in their household.

6% of citizens use electricity from renewable sources as part of a community, and 6% use it individually in their household, 8% and 11% of others have plans to do so.

Overall, about three-fifths of respondents (59%) said that neither in the community nor individually do they use and do not plan to use renewable sources to generate electricity or heat.

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