Czechs, Hungarians and Poles about Their Health Care Systems

The health care system in their country is rated best by inhabitants of the CZ with 39 % satisfied and 20 % dissatisfied; 39 % is half-satisfied. Poles and mainly Hungarians are significantly more critical towards their health care system. In Poland there are 26% satisfied, 23 % half-satisfied and almost a half of the population are dissatisfied (47 %). However, greatest reservations are communicated by the Hungarian public that mostly rate the health care system negatively (53 %) and only 15 % favourably.

The Poles have the worst figures in judging the quality of health care development: 39 % think that it worsened in the last year. In the Czech Republic and Hungary this opinion is shared by 24 % of respondents. However, in general it is presumed (everywhere around 50 %) that no significant changes in this aspect had occurred. The opinion that the quality of health care has improved is shared by a mere 9 % of Poles, 18 % of Hungarians and 21 % of Czechs.