Monitoring of News Coverage in the Media

The June survey among other things concentrated on how often and which news programmes on TV Czechs watched and how often and which newspapers they read.

Every day, news programmes on TV are seen by more than two fifths of respondents (42 %), 21 % watch news programmes three to four times a week, 23 % five to six times a week. Almost two thirds of respondents regularly watch Televizní noviny (Television News) on Nova channel (65 %), almost a half (48 %) Události (Events) on ČT 1 channel and more than a fifth (22 %) the main news broadcast of Prima TV channel.


About one tenth of the population do not read newspapers at all (11 %), a quarter of respondents read newspapers once or twice a week, 23 % three to four times, and almost two fifths - five to seven times a week (38 %). Approximately, two fifths (38 %) of respondents regularly read regional press, more than a third (34 %) the MF Dnes daily, less than a quarter the tabloid Blesk (23 %), almost a fifth (19 %) the newspaper Právo and one tenth the Lidové noviny daily.