Czechs and Beer – What Do We Like Most?

People, who drink beer, usually like it. Only 6 % said that they more likely do not enjoy it; however 39 % of respondents answered that they liked beer very much, other 54 % chose the option “more likely to enjoy it”. The most popular type of beer is draught ten-degree proof light beer, which is preferred by 42 % of citizens. About one fifth (19 %) of respondents named light twelve-degree proof beer as their favourite type of beer, one tenth light eleven-degree proof beer and 6 % prefer stout.

Other types, such as higher-degree proof beers, specialities – for example yeast beer, flavoured or fruit beers – etc., or non-alcoholic beers appeared only sporadically. 12 % of respondents do not care about the type of beer at all, 7 % said they did not know which type of beer they liked drinking the most. An approximate three fifths majority of beer consumers choose beer according to the brewery brand, on the contrary two fifths answered they did not care what brand they were drinking. When selecting the beer, 50 % of those that drink it accredit more importance to flavour than to the price, 36 % put flavour and price on the same level and 14 % give preference to the price over the flavour.