Czech Education System in the Eyes of the Public

A part of the October survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre was also a set of questions devoted to the Czech education system. Czech citizens judge the quality of all types of schools in a relatively positive way. Compared with other types of schools, education at secondary training institutions was valued as being on a good level by the smallest amount of respondents. Regardless of that, their quality was appraised as good by two thirds of respondents, who answered the question.

Eight out of ten respondents, who gave their answers, think that the education quality at secondary training institutions completed by school-leaving exams and at elementary schools is good. Most respondents positively valued the level of education at universities (85 %) and grammar schools (90 %). According to Czech citizens, elementary and secondary schools manage to develop in their pupils and students, necessary knowledge, independence, self-confidence and a grasp of society and the world. However, more respondents expressed their opinion that this is managed by secondary schools. On the other hand, according to respondents elementary and secondary schools are not successful in developing order and discipline and cultivating moral values. However, also on this point secondary schools were rated a little better.