Throwing Away Fruit and Vegetables with Imperfections as a Form of Food Waste – June 2018


As a part of its June survey, CVVM asked respondents several questions about food and, above all, food waste. Part of this block was constituted of questions dedicated to the purchase of visually not quite perfect fruit and vegetables. The respondents were specifically expressing what foods they would choose if they had possibility to choose from - whether perfect or less perfect and whether they would even think about the appearance of the selected vegetable or fruit. They also chose the reasons that would lead them to this choice. One of the questions was also focused on who, according to the respondents, decides which fruit and vegetables are going to get into the counter at the shops. The last point was respondents´ estimation of wasted food share due to visual imperfections towards total production.

According to results of the research, Czech consumers would prefer visually perfect fruit and vegetables before those with imperfections. This type of food have elected 60 % of respondents. Among possible reasons that lead them to prefer perfect food, people chose mainly easier cutting and cleaning. Many respondents also think that buying visually perfect food is commonly normal.

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