Food Wasting, Shopping and Consumption Behaviour of Czech Households – Food 2020


In a special study called Food 2020, CVVM SOÚ AV ČR (Public Opinion Research Centre of the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences) asked for the opinions and attitudes of the Czech public on the issue of food wasting. The respondents assessed the severity of the problem of food wasting, estimated how much food their household disposes of and possibly, how much of the disposed food could be avoided, what were the causes of food disposal and stated the reasons for not disposing of food. 

In the next part of the research, we focused on the shopping and consumer behaviour of the respondents, asking in particular where and how often they shop, how much they spend on food and what activities they do in connection with buying food. We were also interested in finding out who, according to the respondents, has the largest share in the total amount of disposed of food and on the contrary, who according to them, strives the most to reduce food wasting in the Czech Republic. Another part of this block of questions was focused on the Czech public's familiarity with the terms "best before" and "use by".