Food Waste and the Shopping and Consumer Behaviour of Czech Households – Food 2021


In its special ‘Food 2021’ survey the Public Opinion Research Centre at the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, examined the Czech public’s attitudes and opinions on the issue of food waste. More than two fifths (43%) of people believe that food waste is a big problem, while another approximately two-fifths (42%) believe that food waste is wrong but there are more urgent problems that need solving, and around one-seventh (14%) do not consider food waste to be a problem in society.

A more than one-half majority (53%) of respondents go shopping for food several times a week, one-quarter (25%) go grocery shopping once a week, and 10% of respondents shop every day.

The Czech public believe that food services are the biggest source of food waste, and that food production contributes the least to food waste. These results, however, are very different from EU estimates on this issue.