Eating Culture in the Czech Republic and Ordering Meals through Food Delivery Apps – Food 2021


In our special Food 2021 survey the Public Opinion Research Centre examined the culture of eating. Most people east three (41%) or four (30%) meals a day. The room in the home in which people most often eat their meals is the kitchen (53%), followed by the dining room (27%) and the living room (18%). 35% of people regularly, i.e. at least once every two weeks, eat at a canteen/cafeteria, 33% at a restaurant, 21% at a fast-food restaurant, and 18% each at a cafe or in another home (usually the home of a family member or when visiting someone).

The majority (71%) of the Czech public never orders food through food delivery app (e.g. Wolt, Dámejídlo, Uber Eats), 26% do so sometimes, and 2% do so regularly