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Understanding the terms "Best before" and "Use by" – Food 2022


The special survey Food 2022 conducted by the CVVM SOÚ AV ČR included a block of questions focusing on the Czech public's familiarity with the terms "Best before" and "Use by". The majority (73%) of the Czech public correctly use the term "Use by...", whereas the meaning of "Best before" life is less clear and almost half (47%) of the citizens attribute the same meaning to it as to "Use by".

The term "Best before" is correctly understood by 46 % of respondents. Since 2017, the Czech public's familiarity with the term has been growing.

When shopping, 78% of citizens use the term "Use by" and 73% use the term "Best Before".

Food beyond the "Best Before" date is consumed at least occasionally by 64% of respondents and 56% beyond the "Use by" date, both an increase compared to 2020.

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