Environmentally friendly food consumption choices, shopping, and behaviour in Czech society – Food 2022


The Public Opinion Research Centre’s special ‘Food 2022’ survey contained several questions about environmentally friendly behaviours that relate to what foods people buy and what they eat. The most important factor the Czech public considers when shopping for food is price, followed by a food’s ingredients, while the least important factor is the food’s packaging. Almost three-fifths (58%) of respondents at least sometimes sort organic waste. The most commonly used methods are composting in the garden and brown bins (called composters).

Less than a quarter (23%) of respondents buy organic food at least sometimes, which compared to 2021 is a decrease of 10 percentage points.

Among the environmentally beneficial activities, people in the Czech Republic most often carry their own bag for shopping and sort regular waste in their household. In contrast, they are least likely to buy vegetables and fruit in reusable bags and to reduce car journeys.

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