Citizens about Coexistence with Romanies and on Their Chances in Society

Coexistence of Romanies and the rest of the population is perceived by a large part of the public as being problematic. While in general, relations between people at the place, where they live, were described as bad only by 16.4 % of respondents, in the case of coexistence of Romanies and other citizens in their neighbourhoods critical opinions were voiced by a half (50.5 %) of respondents of those that before had said that in the vicinity of the place, where they lived, there were some Romanies living.

On a worse level Czechs see coexistence of Romanies and the rest of the population within the Czech Republic as a whole, when more than three quarters (78.2 %) described it as bad and only less than one fifth (17.6 %) of respondents thought it was good. Compared with the situation of the rest of the population, three quarters of citizens feel Romanies have worse chances in finding jobs, and more than a half also think that Romanies have worse opportunities of asserting themselves in public and civilian life. According to the respondents the most favourable chances of Romanies lie in developing their own culture.