How Tolerant Are We?

The March survey touched on the problem of tolerance in society, the understanding, which is shown to various specific social groups. Respondents were asked to choose which of such groups they would not want to have as neighbours. From their response it became obvious that people have the most reserved attitude towards the worst-form of alcoholics (86 %) and drug users (85 %). Citizens of Romany origin are often (79 %) rejected as well as people with a criminal past (78 %).

Some respondents find it difficult to accept homosexuals (42 %) or emotionally imbalanced people (36 %). In a third of respondents, a negative response is evoked by foreigners living in the CZ. About every fourth person admitted that they disliked people of a different skin colour. Other monitored groups of inhabitants induced a negative response only in a small part of respondents. A negative attitude to rich people and politicians was shared by 16 % and to citizens of Jewish origin by every tenth respondent. Youth, the poor, old, disabled, citizens with different religious or political beliefs are ranked among groups widely socially accepted and only eight percent of respondents would not find them acceptable.