National Esteem of Czech Citizens

The absolute majority of citizens feel proud of the Czech Republic in connection with sport (91 %), culture (89 %), history (88 %) and a little less with science and technology (77 %). Other reasons as a source for feeling national esteem are seen only by a minority of the population: in case of armed forces it is 41 %, functioning of democracy or relation to foreigners 38 %, in case of political influence in the world 32 %, in relation to social welfare 25 % and in case of economic results it is a mere 11 %.

In relation to economic results, social welfare, as well as the position of the CZ in world politics and functioning of democracy, most citizens do not feel proud of the CZ. Less than three fifths of respondents feel a strong tie with the Czech Republic (57 %) and the village or a town, where they live (58 %), a feeling of a strong link with their region was expressed by 36 % of respondents.