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Marriage – Yes or No?

The results of the Public Opinion Research Centre survey shows that 70 % of single women and 69 % of single men would like to get married in the future. 12 % of single women and 6 % of single men decided not to conclude a marriage in their future life. The most frequently named reasons for getting married were “children” (66 %) and the opinion that "two is better than one” (34 %), a quarter of respondents consider taking marriage vows to be “obvious and normal”.

Among respondents, who do not count on getting married, arguments such as old age and poor health prevailed in case of widowed people and bad experience from previous marriages for divorcees. Almost a quarter of respondents with a negative attitude to getting married have such an opinion because they value freedom more than marriage. 8 % of respondents do not intend to get married, because they find it unnecessary for cohabitation. Most respondents consider a lasting partner relationship to be the most important thing in life. Second place with a small gap is occupied by the item “to have children” and also achievement of success at work rates relatively “high”. Roughly, in the middle of the scale there were items, such as wedding, or in other words" get married (be married)", and "achieve the highest education possible", while marriage was for respondents a little more important than the level of education achieved.