Value Tendencies

Traditionally, great importance is attributed to family values. Helping their family and friends and living in a satisfied family is considered as being equally important by 97 % of the approached citizens. Similarly, the absolute majority of respondents (97 %) appreciate having in their lives friends who they get on well with. The items, which obtained the highest degree of support during the entire monitored period, are all statements relating to employment.

Particularly, the value “to have a job just to be employed” significantly grew (to 74 %) (by fifteen percentage points compared with 1990). A far greater number of respondents (compared with the previous surveys) attribute importance to the possibility of having one’s own firm (46 %), having a job, which enables managing activities of other people (41 %), and having a job, which enables trying new things (71 %). However, the job related values above were positioned in the overall order in the second half of values.