Public opinion on social system and social coherence

Questions about social coherence, trust and solidarity among people were part of November survey. Respondents had to take an attitude to various statements about present social sytem. Most of respondents (38 %) think that there is no problem in communication with most of people and there exist lower social class and top of society, but most of people have nothing in common with them. Then respondents talked about current state of social coherence and solidarity in contemporary society.

Almost three quarters of respondents (76 %) do not agree with statement that atmosphere of social coherence, trust and solidarity prevails in our society. Czech citizens were less pesimistic when they answered questions about meaning of social coherence and solidarity among people.

Most of respondets think (89 %) that although there are tension and different sympathies or antipathies in our society, it is important for people to try to get along with other peple, understand each other, attempt to make an agreement a by it all to create social coherence.


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