What about Czechs and toleration?

In March 2007 CVVM used some questions focused on public tolerance to some groups of people. Czechs were show a list of 14 groups of people and they had to say, whether they would not want these people as their neighbours. Negative attitude to neighbourhood of four groups was expressed by Czech people. These groups consist of drug addicts, 87 % of Czech would not want them to be their neighbours. Four fifths of Czech citizens (81 %) would not like to live close to alcoholics and 77 % of Czechs would not want people with criminal past in their neighbourhood.

People (51 %) also expressed their negative attitude to living close to mentally ill people, on the other side the negative attitude was not too convincing. In comparison to previous surveys we can say that number of people who do not want to live close to some groups of public is approximately the same. There is a slight positive change in relationship to rich people (currently 10 % Czechs would not want them to be their neighbours, while in 2005 16 % of Czechs), alcoholics (presently 81 % compared with previous 87 %) and homosexuals (nowadays 29 % to 34 % in 2005).

In connection with tolerance this survey also dealt with question how Czech society is tolerant to individual groups of people. Czechs think that Czech public is mainly intolerant to people with criminal past (56 %), drug addicts (54 %). On contrary lowest number of respondents think that Czech population is intolerant to young people (11 %) and people of another religion (9 %). In comparison to results in 2005 respondents said that tolerance of Czech society to various social groups has increased.

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